Ongoing Projects


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Sporadic FTD: Genome Wide Association (GWA) phase-III

Sporadic FTD: Neurochip (NeuroX and NeuroX-II)

Sporadic FTD: Exome sequencing

Sporadic FTD: screening of phase-III samples for C9orf72 expansions

Sporadic FTD: risk-pathways based burden analyses



Projects are shown in alphabetical order (based on PI’s last name):

Altmann, UCL, UK: X-chromosome in FTD

Alvarez & Menendez, University of Oviedo, ES: The study of other repeat expansions in C9orf72 expansion carriers

Baranzini, UCSF, US: PPIs pathway analysis

Barkhuizen, UCSF, US: Gender-specific FTD risk-loci

Borroni & Grassi, Universities of Brescia & Pavia, IT: Characterization of FTD in the Italian population

Boatia, University de Murcia, ES: eQTL analyses in FTD

Coppola, UCLA, US: Genetic overlap for FTD and PSP

Deary, University of Edinburgh, UK: LDR & polygenic profiling for cognitive ability in FTD, ALS, PD and AD

Desikan & Yokoyama, UCSF, US: Pleiotropy: FTLD & neurodegeneration

Desikan & Yokoyama, UCSF, US: Analysis of FTLD risk factors (bvFTD and SD)

Desikan & Yokoyama, UCSF, US: Immunogenetic contributions to FTD risk

Ferrari, UCL, UK: NeuroX analysis; FTD & APOE

Fitzgerald, Johns Hopkins, US: Genetic correlation of FTD and MS

Geschwind & Rexach, UCLA, US: Networks, FTD and immune system

Holtman, UCSD, US: Linkage Disequilibrium Regression Score (LDRS) for the microglia epigenome

Kia, UCL, UK & Ciga-Bandres, NIH: Mendelian randomization in FTD

Kumasaka, Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK: eQTL analysis of human microglia and their involvement in FTLD

Le Ber & Barbier, INSERM, University of Paris, FR: The study of genetic modifiers in C9orf72 expansion carriers

Leung, UPENN, US: FTD-GWAS and non coding regions

Manzoni, University of Reading, UK: PPI networks

Monaghan, Trinity College, IE: Repeats in ALS/FTLD

Pijnenburg & Posthuma, University of Amsterdam, NL: SNP-gene analysis, epigenetic & genetic correlation of FTLD & psychiatric disorders

Richiardi, University of Lousanne, CH: Correlation imaging – GWAS

Riemenschneider, UniKlinikum Saarland, DE: CNV studies in FTD

Rogaeva, University of Toronto, CA: The study of AAO modifiers in C9orf72 FTD-ALS

Simone, UCL, UK: Non coding regions in FTLD-GWAS

Stein, UNC, US: Correlation FTLD and change in brain structure

van der Lee, Alzheimer Center Amsterdam: the role of PLCG2 in neurodegenrative conditions

van Rooij, van Swieten, Erasmus, NL: Validation of risk variants and genes contributing to Semantic Dementia (SD) pathogenesis

Xu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN: Replication of chinese AD loci

Zeng, Xuzhou Medical University, CN: Assessment of pleiotropy across neurodegenerative diseases using genetic and functional data integration